10 weeks of Pesta Ubin in 2017!

Save the dates! This year, Pesta Ubin will be for 10 weeks! Starting on 10 May (Wed) Vesak Day with the Tua Pek Kong festival! And Ubin Day as the Grand Finale on 16 Jul (Sun).
Authentic wayang, fun Run through rustic Ubin,
Kampung Games and Kampung Photobooth.
Just a few of the many many activities during Pesta Ubin.
Over these ten weeks, people and groups who love Ubin will organise special activities for the public to celebrate Pulau Ubin.

Right now, we are working hard to organise awesome activities for you! Including activities that will happen every weekend of Pesta Ubin.

Find activities to suit your schedule and interest. 'Like' the Pesta Ubin facebook page to get the latest updates!

Pulau Ubin is open every day. Here's more about what to see and do on Ubin.

Want to contribute a Pesta Ubin activity?
Everyone is welcomed to contribute suitable activities for Pesta Ubin! Activities that passionately highlight Ubin's unique charms. Its culture, kampung life, nature and wildlife, Ubin land and sea. Through these activities, we hope to also raise awareness of Pulau Ubin and issues on Pulau Ubin.

Pesta Ubin is held in the kampung spirit! Indulging in the Ubin Way: laid back, relaxed. Friendly and homely. Celebrating the traditional and natural. Getting to know one another as we explore and enjoy Pulau Ubin.

More about what activities are suitable for Pesta Ubin and and how to contribute a Pesta Ubin activity here.

Want to volunteer for Pesta Ubin?
Pesta Ubin is a community event that brings everyone together. There will be many opportunities to join in as a volunteer. More details will be available soon, but meanwhile, here's how you can help. 'Like' the Pesta Ubin facebook page to get the latest updates!

What is Pesta Ubin?
Pesta Ubin is Ubin Open House! Pesta Ubin is the highlight of each year of 'Celebrating Ubin', which is made possible by the Friends of Ubin Network (FUN). FUN brings together those who are committed to working together for Ubin.

Pesta, pronounced ‘Pays-ta’, is Malay for festival or party. Pesta often describes festivities that bring a community together, such as a wedding; or a cultural celebration. (It is NOT an Italian dish: which is ‘pasta’.)

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