3 Jun (Sat): Night Macro Photography Workshop with Nicky Bay

Join Nicky Bay as he introduces the fascinating art of night macro photography at Pulau Ubin!
This workshop is ideal for those starting out on macro photography, and for those who have field experience but have never tried macro photography at night. This is the perfect opportunity to meet like-minded photographers and learn from highly experienced photographers in night macro photography.

About the Instructor
Nicky Bay is a prolific macro photographer from Singapore whose works have traveled across the globe through magazines, books, newspapers, television segments and numerous online publications. He has conducted extensive photography workshops in jungles around the world with participants from five different continents. Nicky's photography style is diverse, approached with continual innovation on his techniques and equipment setup. With weekly field trips, he owns one of the largest collection of arthropod photos in the world and is currently co-authoring Borneo Spiders: A Photographic Field Guide. Nicky publishes his expeditions and field trip discoveries at www.nickybay.com.

Date: 3 Jun (Sat)
Time: 6pm to 12midnight+, arranged bumboat will depart from Ubin Jetty at 1am
Venue: Uncle Lim's shop, No. 42 Pulau Ubin, opposite the Wayang Stage, 3 min walk from Ubin Jetty (map).
Cost: S$120 which includes a 1-hour presentation, DIY flash diffuser construction (materials for flash diffuser provided), a 3-4 hour night walk on Pulau Ubin to photograph critters, and chartered night boat to return from Pulau Ubin to Changi Point Ferry Terminal (Changi Village).
Kampung setting gets us in the mood for the night walk!

Registration required.  More details and registration on Nicky Bay's website.

What happened...

Chris Ang shares photos taken during the workshop

Marcus Ng shares photos of volunteering at Chek Jawa and attending Nicky Bay's night Pesta Ubin activity too.

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