Pesta Ubin 2018!

A month of Pesta Ubin in 2018!
Save the dates! Pesta Ubin 2018 starts on 26 May (Sat), ending on 24 Jun (Sun) with Ubin Day.
Kampung Photo Booth at Uncle Lim's shop for Pesta Ubin 2017

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The Pesta Ubin 2017 Report!

900 volunteers from 45 Organising Groups offered 100 activities catering for an estimated 8,000 participants over 10 weeks!
Volunteers and Uncle Lim at Pesta Ubin Central.
Photo by MJ Mohammad.
Thanks to feedback and data from the Organising Groups, Ng Jing Rou (Pesta Ubin coordinator, intern from YCS) did a report to help improve for the next Pesta Ubin! Please also send me your feedback! Here's some highlights:

The full report with Appendices is available on google docs

What's happening at Pesta Ubin 2017

Here's quick highlights of happenings at Pesta Ubin!
Pesta Ubin is Ubin Open House!
From the 10 May to 16 July 2017.

What's special about Pesta Ubin?
Once a year, people who love Ubin step up to share with the public their special slice of Pulau Ubin. Led by the community, Pesta Ubin activities are organic, heartfelt. Passionately highlighting Ubin's unique charms. Get a taste of the kinder, gentler way of life on Ubin during Pesta Ubin. More about Pesta Ubin.
Kampung Photo Booth for Ubin Open House, 2015
People passionate about Ubin joyously offer Pesta Ubin activities.

What's happening at Pesta Ubin?

Many Pesta Ubin activities are free of charge. Some do NOT require registration. Simply come to Pulau Ubin and join the fun! Find a Pesta Ubin activity that suits your schedule and interest! Don't say Bo Jio!

Every weekend got something on!

What visitors say about Pesta Ubin ...

"A great way to chill and leave our urban life away. I was transported to the good ol' kampong days and many memories came flooding back.. I felt like a child again and this experience is so precious!" says Belinda Low after her trip to Ubin.

Thanks to visitors for sharing photos and thoughts, here's more ....

Pesta Ubin in the news!

Thanks to Lea Wee for featuring Pesta Ubin in Straits Times Life just before the school holidays!
From Straits Times Life.
Thanks to the support of many kind hearts, news about Pesta Ubin is reaching more people!

Every weekend: FREE colouring the big Pulau Ubin Fun Map at Uncle Lim's shop

Let's colour this rare map together! This intricate 15-year old map is full of details of Ubin kampungs, places, people. Some of which are already lost. Also, the amazing mangroves, forests and wildlife that abound on the island and in the waters around it.
Let's colour this rare map together during Pesta Ubin!
It takes hours to colour this antique map! Come to Uncle Lim's shop to colour a shared copy of the map with everyone. This colouring activity is free.

If you want a map of your own, limited copies are for sale at Uncle Lim's shop throughout Pesta Ubin. Thank you to Uncle Lim for hosting this Pesta Ubin activity.

Every weekend: FREE Kampung Photo Booth at Uncle Lim's shop

Have a FREE Kampung makeover!
Just drop by Uncle Lim's shop at the centre of Ubin Town. Choose from cool props and quirky kampung accessories. Take a photo and post it #PestaUbin so your friends share in the fun at Pesta Ubin! Available every weekend of Pesta Ubin!

Every weekend: Nature Mountain Biking with Sea Angel

A perfect escapade for those who enjoy the immersive experience of cycling through untainted surroundings of nature - this adventure is not to be missed!
Basic Mountain-biking course by Mountain Bike Association
Discover Pulau Ubin with us as the journey brings you to explore lesser known scenic spots, areas for specific animal and bird sightings, as well as historical landmarks.

(This event is not for beginners)

Every weekend: Day and Night Kayaking for Fun(D)

Choose from day or night kayaking trip, starting from Living Fisher Village. Enjoy Ubin's waters and help make a difference for Ubin residents.
  • Day Kayaking round Ketam island (during low tide) or Mangrove (during high tide) with a professional guide.
  • Night Kayaking round Ketam island (during low tide) or Mangrove (during high tide) with a professional guide and safety boat.

Every weekend: Mangrove boat tour

Join this 30-minute boat tour for a special view of the lush mangroves of Pulau Ubin.

Tuesdays & Thurdays: Floating Fish Farm Tour

Join this 1-hour tour of the floating fish farms around Pulau Ubin.
Did you know there are 60 fish farms around Pulau Ubin?
This is an exclusive opportunity to join Phillip Lin (chairman of Singapore Marine Aquaculture Cooperative and an ex-commercial diver) as he takes you on board his boat and shares openly about his life as a fish farmer.

Monthly: FREE Rustic Reflections Tour with NParks

Starting at the Assembly Area before proceeding to the former Bin Kiang School site. You will then head over to the Sensory Trail pond to learn about the habitat restoration efforts before making stops at Pulau Ubin’s former headman’s house and Kampung Melayu.
Kampung house  on Pulau Ubin
Tour participants will also visit a rubber plantation that once supplied Singapore, and possibly the region, with latex, and learn more about the different plants that played a major role in shaping this country’s culinary delights at the Ubin Fruit Orchard before ending the tour at Teck Seng’s Place – a restored Chinese kampung house.

Monthly: FREE Kampong Tour with NParks

Take a walk with us to experience Ubin's wonderful natural and cultural heritage. The 2.2km trail takes about 2 hours to complete. The tour will start at the Ubin-HSBC Volunteer Hub and take you through the spice trees around Jelutong campsite, Butterfly Hill, Pekan Quarry, Sensory Trail Ponds, Kampong House, Old Bin Kiang School site, Toa Pek Kong Temple and end at the Wayang Stage.
Kampong from the lily pond at Pulau Ubin
You will hear about the use of spices in cooking and the interesting history of the different sites. Do you know what the Ubin-HSBC Volunteer Hub was in the 1970s? When was the Toa Pek Kong Temple built? If you would like to know, then this is an excellent introduction to the heritage of the island.