What visitors say about Pesta Ubin ...

"A great way to chill and leave our urban life away. I was transported to the good ol' kampong days and many memories came flooding back.. I felt like a child again and this experience is so precious!" says Belinda Low after her trip to Ubin.

Thanks to visitors for sharing photos and thoughts, here's more ....

More photos and thoughts by Belinda Low on facebook.

Jerome Lim joined UBiNavigate, a tour of Western Ubin by youths of Outward Bound Singapore and shared in his blog post: "One of the things I found fascinating as a child was the sight of rubber tappers moving from tree to tree that I would catch on the many drives to Malaysia. From comfort breaks taken in and around rubber estates – due to their isolation – I could see the results of the tappers’ actions. The cuts made on the trees’ bark were quite visible as were the cups of latex.

What I was not able to see close up however was how the tapper actually made the cut; that is, until just a few days ago when I was able to catch a demonstration of the art. The live demo (see video below) was performed by a retired rubber tapper, Uncle Ah Ha, as part of an Outward Bound School (OBS) UBiNavigate 2017 trail organised for Pesta Ubin 2017."

Jerome also shared this awesome video clip of rubber tapping by Uncle Ah Ha.

Photos by Singapore Tourist at Home on facebook.

SAys Happy Mums shares this lovely memory of Pesta Ubin.

More memories by SAys Happy Mums.

The Living Fisher Village hosted a great many visitors during Pesta Ubin. Here's what some of them said after a visit.

And more entries in the Living Fisher Village guestbook.

Belinda Low went on to do an awesome mural at the Living Fisher Village and shared: "Glad I was able to contribute the best I can to bring back precious memories for the resident who now lives alone. Made many new friends and it's truly community living and Kampong spirit is still alive!"

Danny CT shares his day at Pesta Ubin.

Rowena Caoile shares.

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