9 Jul (Sun): Inking Ubin Nature - Printmaking workshop for kids and adults

Learn from Artist and Art Educator Jacquelyn Soo how to create a traditional print block painting of the natural landscape of Pulau Ubin; its wonderful environment, animals and greenery that surrounds the island. By creating and drawing your own artwork, you will appreciate the little island’s offering much more!
Younger participants will get styrofoam plates and draw on it using pencils/satay sticks. Then ink the styrofoam plate with non-toxic paints and press a piece of paper onto it. Once the paper is peeled off the plate, the image is transferred onto the paper!

Older participants will get a 15cm x 15cm linoleum rubber pad and use craving tools to carve out their image on the pad. Then high quality paints will be applied and paper pressed. Once the paper is peeled off from the plate, the image is transferred onto the paper!

Date: 9 Jul (Sun)
Time: morning 10.30am-12.30pm and afternoon 2-4pm
Venue: Uncle Lim's shop, No. 42 Pulau Ubin, opposite the Wayang Stage, 3 min walk from Ubin Jetty (map).
Website: http://jacquelynsoo.format.com/

  • 1-hour workshop for younger participants (5-14 years) - $20 per person (Maximum 20 participants)
  • 2-hour workshop for older participants (15-60 years) - $35 per person (Maximum 20 participants)
  • Intensity and level of skill increases for longer workshops. 
  • Payable to Jacquelyn on the day of the workshop. 
  • All materials will be provided by the Artist, Jacquelyn Soo.

No registration required. Just drop by Uncle Lim's shop while you are at Pulau Ubin.

But if you would like to reserve a slot, you may leave a message for Jacquelyn Soo on her contact form. If there is overwhelming response, Jacquelyn may run another session on 16 Jul (Sun).

Here's Jacquelyn Soo conducting an art workshop for kids at Uncle Lim's shop during Pesta Ubin last year.
Ubin's Animal Puppet workshop for children and families by Jacquelyn Soo

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